The Snooze Button is a Fast Track to a Miserable Groggy Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hitting the snooze button and hoping you fall right back into that dream about starring in an episode of 'Sexy Countdown' is bad for the rest of your day, with repeated failed attempts to wake up properly knackering your body's natural sleep and waking systems.

According to an encyclopaedia of research put together by sleep and performance researcher Gemma Paech, our body prepares for waking by putting itself into a light sleep mode from which it's easier to wake -- but actually waking and falling asleep again resets the overnight cycles and can dump you back into a deep sleep. From which it's harder to wake up.

And thus the misery of the morning continues, with you falling into an ever deeper slumber each time your cold hand hits the snooze button. [The Conversation]

Image credit: Waking up from Shutterstock