The Sun Banishes Page 3 Models to Online Oblivion

By Gerald Lynch on at

After 44 years on Page 3 of the UK's leading tabloid, The Sun newspaper has finally called time on its controversial topless models feature.

Rupert Murdoch's tabloid has been under increasing pressure from campaign groups to pull the anachronistic page, with Lucy Holmes's No More Page 3 campaign collecting 215,000 signatories in an online petition.

While it now seems that last Friday's edition of The Sun is a collector's item -- if having the final edition of a paper with a bare-breasted model on its third page is the kind of thing you like to collect, that is -- it's not entirely the end of the road for the slightly slimy national institution.

Page 3 will live on at, behind The Sun's paywall. Although here it will again seem a relic of a bygone age, seeming expensive and positively quaint compared to the freely available smut served up by all corners of the web. You have to wonder why News UK has let the brand live on at all.

Either way, the writing's been on the wall for a while. Back in September of last year, Murdoch tweeted that he now regarded the topless pictures as "old fashioned".