The Walkie Talkie Now Offers a Sky-High View of London For Free

By Gerald Lynch on at

20 Fenchurch Street's Walkie Talkie in London, (better known as the Walkie Scorchie for its car-frying properties) is now taking bookings for its-newly opened Sky Garden. It's not the only place to get a bird's-eye view of London -- you've got The Shard and London Eye too if you prefer your pedestrians ant-sized. But, crucially, it's one of the cheapest -- entry to the Sky Garden is totally free, compared to the £25 you'd have to shell out to climb the heights of Sauron's tower.

35 storeys up and offering 360-degree views, there's a list of rules that you'll need to follow to gain entry. Upon booking a ticket, remember to bring no more than 100ml of liquids (milk and baby food excepted) along for your visit, and a bag no bigger than 8 inches by 17 inches by 19 inches. Otherwise you'll get some dodgy looks from the security team and refused entry. [Sky Garden]