The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's a new year, and a new year means we'll be seeing plenty of new gadgets. What will we see? The iPhone 6S Plus? Phones with 4K displays? Maybe we'll finally get to see all those new updated Macs that have been rumoured for quite some time? I hope so, I'm sick of hearing about them to be honest.

But we still have a few apps left over from the tail-end 2014 to deal with, along with some of 2015's new offerings.


Meme TV: Memes are all the rage in online circles, and you might want to make your own memes based on TV and film whilst on the go. Meme TV will do that for you, but that's not what makes it stand out: meme TV comes with the context behind the meme, i.e. the TV episode or film it came from. [Free]

Contact Pics+: Tired of seeing a blank image when you're flicking through your contacts? Too lazy to add one yourself? Contact Pics+ will do it for you by pulling images from various social networks and letting you pick one. All the popular services are included, like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. [£1.49]

Stickered for Messenger: One to supplement Facebook's Messenger app, iOS users can now take advantage of Facebook's selection of wacky stickers and plaster them on pictures to send to their friends. Simple to add some pizazz to your pictures before you send him to your friends. [Free]

Rock My Run: A lot of people (myself included) tend to run with music and use it to set our pace for the run. But music tempo differs, which is why Rock My Run actually syncs the tempo of the music with your heart rate. That means that as your heart rate gets faster, so will the music and so will you. You have to use the app's own existing music and mixes, but it'll help you to not slow down as your workout progresses. [Free -- with subscription]


Good Reader: Good Reader is an improvement on most PDF readers because it allows page management, various annotations, and cloud back-ups. Not only does it sync up across all your iOS devices, the most recent update even has a text-to-speech function that will read everything out for you. Handy if you need to get through everything while doing other things. [£2.99]

Blinkist: You don't always have the time to read through a full book, and if non-fiction is your thing then Blinkist might be an app for you. It condenses all the important information from a library of books into 15-minute chunks. It's been updated with Evernote synchronisation, a premium subscription with new features, and Blinkist has promised to add five more books every week [Free -- within-app purchases]

Framed: A puzzle game where you have to rearrange the panels in an animated comic in order to change the story's final outcome. It's all played out in an animation style similar to the opening credits of Mad Men, and it's accompanied by a jazz soundtrack. It's a little bit different, and it's an intriguing concept so it's definitely worth a go. [£2.99]

Sworkit Lite: There are days when you can't stick to your new year's resolution and hit the gym. Thankfully that's what Sworkit is for, it's the mini gym in your pocket for the days you can't go to the gym. There are over 160 exercises in there, encompassing a wide range of exercise styles, and you can create your own custom workouts to keep yourself in shape. [Free]

Disney Imagicademy Parents: One for parents hoping to keep themselves informed on the latest and best ways to help their children grow. The app includes new daily articles and activities that are designed to help expand a child's creativity and encoruage their imagination. To help things along there's even a badge collection to give kids that sense of achievement. [Free]


BitLit: In this day and age you have to decide whether you want the satisfaction of owning a real book or the convenience of an ebook. But why choose? BitLit is a new service that will let you scan in your physical books and download a free, or discounted, digital version. Straight to your ereader or in a variety of formats on your laptop. [Free]

Simpler Contacts: Tired of having a messy contacts list? Simpler Contacts will fix it in seconds, merging your duplicate contacts and deleting any contacts you don't use. Once that's done it's even simpler to search and get in touch. If that's not enough, it'll also back up and your nice clean contacts to Dropbox, Google Drive, or an email account. You'll never lose your contacts again. [Free]

Kanbanote: Evernote is an incredibly useful tool, but organising it can be a bit of a chore. Kanbanote will do that for you organising all your notes and tasks into one easy to view display. Someone of you may notice that it looks a bit like Trello, and that is the point. [Free]

Echo Notification Lockscreen: If you're tired of the regular lockscreen that come with your device then you're a bit spoilt for choice. That said there are a lot of terrible choices out there as well. Meet Echo, a customisable minimalist lockscreen that gives you instant alerts that you can respond to ASAP. It also has grouping, so you can keep similar notifications together, and a snooze mode. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan: One for those of you with weight-loss resolutions Noom is an all-in-one app that covers calorie counting, exercise, healthy recipes, and even includes a built-in pedometer. New year means new update, and now Noom has a Material Design-inspired interface so you can lose weight with something that loos rather good. [Free]

Windows Phone

Perfect Note: An app for taking notes, as well as organising your to-dos and work projects. There's everything you could need from a note-taking app, but this is the premium version which also comes with PIN locking, OneDrive backups, and a countdown to remind you of looming deadlines. [£1.49]

Stop Motion Studio: Stop motion is relatively simple to do, but if you want an easy way to get started then Stop Motion Studio is a great way to do it. Everything you need is right here, from video capture, editing, and sound effects. There's no need to export it either, because you can share it to the likes of YouTube straight from your phone. [Free]

BodBot: A new year means new resolutions, and for many people that's weight loss and fitness. BodBot is an app that personalises your exercise routine and diet, tailoring to your goals, schedule, and what equipment you own. To celebrate the new year BodBot is offering a limited number of free 12-month subscriptions, so get them while you can. [Free -- with subscription]

Car Dash: An app designed to turn your phone into the perfect companion for your car dashboard with large buttons that let you control the likes of music and navigation. All so you can keep your attention on the road. There are a couple of improvements now, and that includes an FM Radio tuner in case you don't want to listen to your own music while you're on the road. [Free]

Mi Challenge Alarm: For those of you who have to create a whole string of alarms because you have a tendency to switch them off and go straight back to sleep. Mi Challenge Alarm is designed to put an end to that by letting you set up a challenge each morning so you can't just run on autopilot and go straight back to sleep. [Free]