The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well then, CES is over for yet another year and I am exhausted (I wasn't even there). A lot of stuff was on show this year, some great, some terrible, and some right in the middle. But where were the apps? Over the course of the week I think I saw one, maybe two, apps that were at CES.

I mean a Samsung washing machine with a built-in sink is fine, but what about those of us who want to get our fix of mobile software? It's a crying shame really, but while CES might be ignoring them I am certainly not. Here's your fill for this week.


Freeletics: An app for high-intensity workouts, Freeletics is designed for anyone to achieve their goals, no matter how experienced they are, or what those goals might be. But it's not all the usual stuff you'd get in a fitness app. For one, you have a ghost of your previous workouts to compete against, and it's all exercise that you don't need to buy any equipment or weights to exercise. [Free]

Carrot Hunger: The original Carrot Fit app insulted you to try and get to to exercise better and more often. Carrot Hunger is the same principle but with calorie tracking. You have your limit, and if you go over your limit it will punish you with a variety of insults. It'll also show you exactly what you need to do to burn off any of the sugary snacks you've been chomping on. [Free]

Linebound: A fast-paced arcade game that requires you to stay on the line for as long as possible. Linebound is a bit like those buzzing maze games you had when you were younger, just on your phone. There are challenging endless levels, multiplayer gaming, and best of all it's completely free. [Free]

The Guardian: The official app of the newspaper has just been updated with a bunch of new features. Now notifications are more interactive, letting you save them to read at a later date. There's also integration with VoiceOver and 1Password. [Free]

snowbuddy: You may remember this as the fitness tracking app for winter sports. Well it's just had a nice update, including improved recognition of sky lifts (it won't burn calories when you're on a lift anymore), and improved offline functionality. That last one is especially useful because who has decent signal half way up a mountain? [Free]


Night Sky Pro: A great app that I've covered before. Night Sky Pro brings the night sky to life, helping you learn and understand about the principles of astronomy. It's even got a real-time view of the constellations above you, all you need to do is point your camera at the sky. It's currently selling at 75 per cent off, so you should definitely snap this up while you can. [£0.99]

PLAYER: If you've ever tried playing music by ear, you know it's not that easy. PLAYER will analyse the songs you load into it, showing off notes, tabs, lyrics and so on, meaning you can play along with minimal effort. [Free]

PDF Office: An app for creating and editing your own PDF documents, as if you were loading a document into an Office suite. It's all saved into PDF, which is handy, and you can even use the camera to scan in documents and transform them into a PDF automatically. [Free -- with subscription]

Mr Porter: The official app for shopping from Mr Porter, this will let you browse, save, and buy some of their many products. It's been updated, and now it has compatibility with Handoff so you can send your progress straight over to your Mac in an instant. [Free]

Evernote Scannable: Got paper documents that you want to store on your Evernote drive? Evernote Scannable will scan those paper documents, immediately capturing, rotating, cropping, and adjusting them so they're the best possible quality. it'll then store it on your Evernote account. [Free]


Power Button Torch: All phones have torches, but really torches are the kind of thing you want to switch on quickly. If the screen is on, three taps of the power button will switch on the torch. If its not, try it four times and you're good to go. Sadly the free version doesn't let you turn it off without opening up the app. [Free]

Under Armour Record: One that actually was mentioned at CES. Under Armour Record is a personalised fitness service that tailors everything based on your data and goals. There's also a social aspect, and that's just had an update. Now Under Armour has challenges to build some competition with your friends. There's also graphing, manual weight entry, and sleep entry. [Free]

Pizza Navigator: When you want a pizza, you really want a pizza. Pizza Navigator is a dedicated app that will direct you to your nearest pizzeria. It even works on Android Wear, so you can sate your appetite without pulling out your phone. [£0.62]

EFF Alerts: You may remember the EFF from its articles that are periodically posted on Giz. Its an organisation dedicated to digital rights and making sure the governments of the world (especially the US) don't take them away. The app will let you keep track of everything it's doing and even help out in any little way you can. Sadly this is not available on iOS for now because the organisation is against Apple's stringent policies for apps developers. [Free]

Dumpster Image & Video Restore: Sometimes you delete thing that you didn't mean to. Normally you'd either lose that file forever, or you'd have to plug your phone in to run it through a file recovery programme. Dumpster is like a recycling bin of sorts, it'll keep track of all your deleted files and let you restore them if you need them back. Heck, it even organises them for you. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Windows Phone

Money Tracker Free: An app designed to let you keep track of your cash accounts and any stock portfolios you might have. There's a simple interface that lets you view all your expenses, stock prices, and even project your expenses months and years in advance. This is the free version which is limited to three currencies and has ads, but you can ditch that by paying £2.29. [Free]

Runtastic Pro: This one is a fitness tracking app that covers any indoor or outdoor activity you might want. It's not been updated, but you can currently get the Pro version of the app without having to pay a penny. That means you can enjoy heart rate integration, hydration tracking, and even a Japanese voice coach if that's your thing. Perfect for sticking to that fitness resolution. [Free]

Phone Insider: If you're a registered Windows Insider, you can use this app to get yourself pre-release OS updates sent straight to your phone directly from Microsoft. If you're not a Windows Insider, you can register here. [Free]

Monocle: An app for those of you who want to add a bit of classic photographical flair to your photos. Just take the picture with a soft effect, then apply an old tone and vignetting of varying levels. [£0.79]