The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Writing is exhausting. It hit me as I was writing up something important to a very strict deadline. Whether it was the pressure, or lack of caffeine that day, either way I had just had enough and could barely think. The human brain is weird isn't it?

But we could sit here discussing the intricacies of the human brain all day, time to get down to what really matters. Apps, apps, and more apps.

iPhone Apps

Burstio: If you have an iPhone with burst mode, you'll be happy to hear that Burstio will take those rapid-fire shots and transform them into videos or animated GIFs. Grab the pictures, set the playback speed, trim it, and you're good to go to share them with your friends. [£0.79]

acast: If you're a big fan of podcasts then you might be wanting a new way to find listening material. acast is an on-demand service that not only lets you find great podcasts, it'll also enhance them with images, videos, and links. [Free]

AllCast: Finally available on iOS, AllCast lets you stream videos, photos, and music to your TV from your phone. A number of different streaming boxes are compatible, including Xboxes, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. No messing about, just tap and play. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

The Daily Cut: Love watching videos, but can't deal with searching through all the terrible content that gets uploaded everyday? The Daily Cut will help you find great video content, regardless of what it is. It could be interviews, sports highlights, news, or anything you want. Content is updated daily as well, so you'll always have things to watch. [Free]

Power Nap HQ: Naps are great, and they do wonders for your productivity. Perfect Nap HQ is a great tool for monitoring and managing your midday snooze. You'll be woken up at the right moment to feel rested, and it even stores data on your naps so you can compare all of your shut-eye sessions. [£0.79]

iPad Apps

Opinion: Another podcasting-based app, Opinion helps you record and edit your own without having to fret with confusing editing software. It's just been updated to include a native iPad interface, and you can now import your own songs from iTunes, Dropbox, and iCloud. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

AllMyRecipes: AllMyRecipes negates the need for a collection of handwritten or printed copies of your recipes. You can organise them all with tags, back them up to iCloud, and are within easy reach of tools like a shopping list, a unit converter, and a calculator. [£2.99]

Infolio: This one is a digital workspace that brings all of your online data into one central hub, without having to continually swap applications and windows. Whether it's from cloud storage, social networks, or from your device, it's the ideal app to use to make sorting through and presenting information easier than ever. [Free]

Parralells Access: An app that lets you access your home computer from any browser, allowing you to grab files, use software, set things running, and so on. It's had a hefty update, with improvements to the file manager for easy access to documents. Be warned though, while the app is free to download the desktop software you need is not, and you also need to pay for a subscription. [Free -- with mandatory subscription]

Kickstarter: Mobile sites aren't always that great, so if you regularly browse something like Kickstarter it's easier to use a dedicated app. This one allows you to do everything you would want to do on Kickstarter, and thanks to a new update it's had a makeover with a shiny new design and interface to make your experience that much better. [Free]

Android Apps

Google Translate: Translate is one step closer to being the Babel Fish that we all dream of thanks to this latest update. The update brings with it real time speech-to-text translation and 'WordLens', a feature that will translate signs and text through your camera. It's not all encompassing yet, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly useful. [Free]

Urbanspoon: Need to find yourself a place to eat? Urbanspoon will help you find places nearby, and then give you honest opinions about what it's like. So whether you're looking for something within a certain price range, or a particular type of food, Urbanspoon has you covered. [Free]

Fliktu: Share Fast: Sick of the default Android sharing system? Fliktu is a better and faster way of sharing content from your phone. There's an improved share menu that organises itself based on whichever apps you use the most, and it also lets you share directly from links and your clipboard. No more scrolling through all your apps to find Pushbullet anymore. [£0.64]

Tutanota: David Cameron might be trying his best to end end-to-end encryption, but he hasn't succeeded yet. If you want to start sending encrypted emails then Tutanota is one to try. Send encrypted emails to other Tutanota users, or you can send password-protected emails to regular people. [Free]

UE Megaboom: The official app for controlling your UE Megaboom, or UE Boom speaker directly from your phone. Then you can customise the sound and even update the software without any fuss or hassle. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

My Tuner Radio: Want to listen to multiple internet radio stations without having to download hundreds of apps or deal with the browser? My Tuner radio has over 30,000 stations from 120 countries worldwide, and you can listen to them all via the magic of the internet. [Free]

4Shot: Having photos taken in a booth is a classic pastime, but those machines are expensive and good ones are hard to come by. Why not use an app that mimics the effect instead? Take 1-6 photos, and then add a variety of filters and effects for some style. [Free]

Telegram Messenger: Telegram is a messaging app focused on security, and the ability to easily send your files to friends. Now it's been updated to include stickers and emoji for you to send your friends. [Free]

Hubble Space Telescope: Everything you ever need to know about the Hubble Space Telescope, all in one handy place. But if that's not your thing, it does have the top 100 photos the telescope has taken, along with in-depth information about each one. [£0.79]