There's 10 Per Cent Off (Almost) Anything on the PlayStation Store This Weekend

By Gerald Lynch on at

It was a woeful Christmas for online gamers, as hacking collective Lizard Squad knocked out both Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live services. As the police get to the bottom of who precisely was responsible for the attacks, Sony is dishing out a peace offering to perturbed gamers in the form of a discount code this weekend.

PlayStation gamers will be able to claim a 10 per cent discount on a single purchase of an item from the PlayStation Store. Most items will eligible, though subscriptions to PlayStation Plus, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited will fall outside of the offer. It's not yet clear if pre-orders can be purchased with the discount, but it'd be an easy way to get a brand new game at a cut-price rate if that does prove possible.

The discount will be valid from 9am on January 23rd through to 9am on January 26th. Sony will be distributing the necessary discount code through the PlayStation Store, as well as Twitter for those making purchases through web portals as opposed to the PlayStation consoles' built-in storefronts.