This Photorealistic Parisian Flat Shows the Future of Gaming Graphics

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whatever you're doing, stop it, and watch the below video instead:

That's not footage from a tour of some real-world Grand Designs episode. The Parisian apartment you've just been guided through in intricate detail is actually rendered in software. Made using Epic's Unreal Engine 4, what you're looking at is the future of video game graphics.

What's perhaps most impressive of all is that this is all the work of just one person -- BenoƮt Dereau, level designer and 3D artist whose work can be seen in stealth-and-stab-em-up Dishonored.

Being just a tech demo (and with no indication of the sort of machine required to run the thing), don't expect games to start looking like this anytime soon. Remember, this is just a few rooms, with no interactivity beyond movement. Pulling off something like this on the scale of most modern games would be a crippling endeavour. Regardless, it shows the potential power of the Unreal Engine 4, and it's undeniably staggering. [Eurogamer]