This Samsung Washer Has its Own Built-in Sink for Pre-Treating Stains

By Andrew Liszewski on at

In a perfect world every stain and spill would come out of your clothes after just a single wash. But the same way a dish washer works best after you've scraped the plates clean, pre-treating your clothes is the only way to help guarantee a stain comes out. And for homes that are lacking a sink, Samsung's gone and built one right in to its new activewash washing machine.

This Samsung Washer Has Its Own Built-in Sink For Pre-Treating Stains

The top-loading washer incorporates the hinged sink just below the machine's lid, allowing both to be swung up and out of the way when loading the bulk of your laundry. But for garments needing special care, the activewash's sink has ridges and its own dedicated water jet so you can pre-scrub or pre-treat a stain and improve its chances of coming out. When you're done, the sink's contents can then be easily dumped into the washer's drum without having to carry soaking wet garments across the room.

Available sometime in the spring with pricing yet to be revealed, the activewash washing machine also boasts something Samsung calls 'Super Speed technology' which can allegedly clean a full load of laundry in as little as 36 minutes. That's certainly dependent on just how dirty your clothes are, but it's a nice shortcut if you happen to spill on yourself during breakfast and don't want to find a new outfit before work. [Samsung]

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