This Shelf Puts Your iMac at Eye Level and Its USB Ports in Easy Reach

By Andrew Liszewski on at

In an effort to keep its iMac looking as sleek as possible, Apple has tucked away its USB ports on the back of the computer, which often makes it a huge pain when you're trying to plug something in blindly – alas that wireless workspace is a dream that just isn't here yet.

So Satechi's new solution that it's showing at CES is this stylish aluminium alloy shelf that not only puts four USB 3.0 ports up front and easily accessible, it also improves your ergonomics.

The $70 (£46-ish) shelf can actually support up to 90kg, so you'll be hard-pressed to find a computer or monitor that can't safely perch atop it. And since your display will be closer to eye level, there'll be less strain on your neck while you're working. It's win-win, and the shelf's matte silver finish will blend right in if your desk is filled with Apple products, but will still look just as lovely if it's not.

It's not even on the firm's US site just yet, but even when it is, the shipping rates Satechi charges are insane (double the product's cost). No fear, though: like its previous F1 stand, it will no doubt be heading to Amazon UK eventually. [Satechi]

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