Turing and Hawking Biopics Rack Up Oscars 2015 Nominations

By Gerald Lynch on at

The leading lights of Hollywood have begun their annual backslapping spectacle, with the nominations for the 87th Annual Academy Awards announced today. And it's all worked out for very well for Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything and Alan Turing film The Imitation Game, picking up nominations in some of the most coveted award categories.

The Theory of Everything has picked up five nominations, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Eddie Redmayne's depiction of Stephen Hawking, while The Imitation Game has eight nods, again including a Best Actor nomination for Benedict Cumberbatch's Alan Turing. Each also has a nomination for the night's biggest prize, Best Motion Picture of the Year, too.

Both the Hawking film and (to a slightly lesser extent) the Turing film rated highly when we caught screenings recently. It seems the geek WILL inherit the Earth -- first stop, Hollywood.