Turn Your PS4 Into a Tetris Block for the Sake of More Storage Space

By Gerald Lynch on at

All those tasty free PS4 PS Plus games from Sony each month are great, but if you've been downloading them all and installing them alongside your disc-based purchases, chances are you're running low on storage space.

It's relatively easy to swap out a PlayStation 4's paltry 500GB hard drive, but you're limited to just 2.5-inch laptop-style drives, no taller than 9.5mm. While a few drives of 1TB or larger are available at that size, they're pricier than their 3.5-inch counterparts, which offer far more storage space for the price.

Nyko has a handy new PS4 accessory to fix the problem -- provided you've no qualms with adding an extra block on top of your console. The Nyko Data Bank is a drive caddy for Sony's console, letting you use 3.5-inch drives without issue. Powered by the console's AC adapter, it leaves all of your USB ports available, unlike the Xbox One's simpler-but-port-robbing external storage option. Pricing's yet to be announced but Nyko's aiming for around the £30 mark -- nab a 4TB drive to go with it for £100 and that's not a bad compromise. [IGN]