Twitter's Post Code Targeting Lets You Advertise to Your Neighbours

By Gary Cutlack on at

Twitter's stepping up things in the battle for ad money by introducing a new sales tool that lets advertisers target people by post code alone. Imagine the fun you could have with a few quid and the postal digits of a friend or enemy!

The inevitable but slightly iffy-sounding scheme has been designed to help the social site hoover up cash in the run up to the UK General Election this May, with the site saying that precisely targeted campaigns will help political parties aim their spending accurately at the opinion-forming local loudmouth racists they need to reach to win.

Twitter reckons "battleground constituencies" could be swung by such ads, boosting the "digital capability" of any political activists with money to throw away on promoted tweets. Which is all making us want to hide till the whole nasty business is over with. [Twitter]

Image credit: Street sign from Shutterstock