UK Hacker Arrested in Relation to Xbox Live and PSN Outages

By Gerald Lynch on at

Get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas? Wondering who to wave your pitchfork and flaming torch at for the Xbox Live and PSN hack-induced downtime over the Christmas break? The source of the upset may be quite close to home -- Thames Valley Police have arrested a 22-year old man in relation to the gaming network attacks.

Vinnie Omari, thought to be part of the "Lizard Squad" hacking collective, is being held by the authorities on suspicion of fraud, in regards to "the hacking of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live systems over the Christmas period." Omari is believed to be linked to PayPal thefts made possible by the attacks, and has his computers, phones and games consoles confiscated as part of the investigation.

Whether it was arrogance or stupidity (or both), Omari even turned up on Sky News as a "security analyst" over the festive break, commenting on the attacks. Way to keep a low profile. A second alleged member of the Lizard Squad, Finnish teen Julius Kivimaki, has also been linked to the attacks. Though he has yet to be arrested, he was said to have been found in possession of 3,000 stolen credit card numbers in 2013, believed to have been acquired through the use of a botnet, making him another prime suspect. [Thames Valley Police via Polygon]