UK Train and Tube Travel Woes: What's Your Worst Commuting Experience?

By Gerald Lynch on at

With London Bridge a shambles, Brixton tube worryingly overcrowded and a Christmas just past full of national rail woes, the UK's train and underground networks are inspiring some true travel horror stories.

I took that photo above this morning during my failed attempt to get into Brixton tube station, to carry out the Victoria Line leg of my daily commute. After waiting ten minutes to simply cross the road in front of the station, just in order to join the heaving throngs outside, I decided to turn back and work the day from home. Many people won't be lucky enough to have that option, and would had to have braved the overcrowding, which stretched in a queue right down the main road.

The reason? Escalator refurbishments that could cause six months of similar scenes, a disaster on the behalf of TFL when it comes to logistical planning. Tottenham Court Road is sharing similar limitations as it undergoes its Crossrail transformation, making the Giz staff pine for the days when the Astoria's hallowed halls sat on the site.

But today's travel trouble was by no means isolated to just the tube network. The Monday morning commute saw services to and from Euston station hit by delays due to safety checks between Watford Junction and Milton Keynes, while South Eastern services weren't stopping at London Bridge at all. That's ahead of an entire year of disruption at the transport hub while the station undergoes refurbishment.

Add all this to the Paddington / Finsbury Park debacle of the Christmas period, and you have to wonder how anyone without a car is getting anywhere at the moment. All hail privatised rail...

So, with so many pratfalls occurring on the rail and tube networks recently, have you been affected? Is your daily commute even more insufferable than before? Or how about in the past -- what's the most excruciating public transport experience you can remember slugging through? Fire off below.