Unlock Your Front Door From Anywhere on Earth With Kwikset's Kevo Plus

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Unlocking your front door from a smartphone app isn't a terribly new idea, you can even electronically send keys to people you want to have access to your home while you're away. But Kwikset is updating its Kevo Bluetooth front door lock with new hardware that lets you lock or unlock your front door from anywhere on earth -- provided you have mobile data on your smartphone.

Unlock Your Front Door From Anywhere On Earth With Kwikset's Kevo Plus

The Kevo Plus upgrade means the person you're granting access to your home while you're away doesn't need to have a smartphone to get in the front door, or the Kwikset app installed. So it's perfect for letting your technologically-challenged parents in to water the plants while you're on vacation, or letting in a plumber you've hired when your dish washer sends notice that it's started leaking.

The Kevo Plus will be provided to existing Kevo users as a yearly service, with the Bluetooth LE receiver that tethers to your router tossed in for free to sweeten the deal. Users will be able to remotely lock and unlock the door as many times as they want until they tire of the novelty, and installation is as easy as ensuring the Kevo Plus receiver is in Bluetooth range of your Kevo deadbolt. [Kwikset]

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