Unluckiest Man in the World Loses Out on Massive Lottery Win by Seven Seconds

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've all had one of those days where we'd wished we'd taken a shorter shower and caught that missed bus, or woke up a little earlier to hit that work deadline. But it's unlikely that seven seconds has ever cost you millions and millions of pounds.

That, sadly, is the fate that befell Canadian Joel Ifergan. He's been denied a half of a C$27m (£14m) jackpot by Loto-Quebec, which failed to process his winning ticket in time for its intended draw. Buying two tickets on May 23rd 2008, Ifergan's second ticket held the winning numbers. But it was processed seven seconds after the Lotto Super 7 draw's 9pm cut-off, making it eligible only for the following week's competition.

After a seven year court case, Ifergan has been told that it was his fault, not Loto-Quebec's, for the processing lag.

Seven seconds for roughly seven million pounds. A million a second. Set those alarms early, folks. [Guardian]

Image Credit: Coloured balls from Shutterstock