Vince Cable Wants to Make Your UK Netflix Library Available Across Europe

By Gerald Lynch on at

UK Business Minister Vince Cable must really miss his Breaking Bad binges when he's travelling to the far flung corners of the EU. Today, he laid out a proposal to introduce a "single online market" for Europe, making location-restricted services such as the Netflix streaming library available to Brits no matter where on the continent they may be.

Like a VPN without the legal grey areas, Cable's plan would make Netflix "portable", letting you use it and similar services even in countries where they aren't locally available. In an effort to appease rights holders and distributors, it wouldn't allow you free access to international content blocked in your country of origin. If a film, was to become available in a European territory before its UK release, it seems you wouldn't be able to access it abroad, according to Cable's plan.

So, a bit like a naff VPN then, with fewer benefits. Unsurprisingly, Cable's pie-in-the-sky streaming ramblings came without a plan as how best to implement them. And with content providers already wrestling with complex licensing agreements and the headache of VPN users, don't expect this to become a reality anytime soon. []