Vinyl Comeback Helps HMV Overtake Amazon in Physical Media Sales Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

A big rise in vinyl sales to their highest level in 20 years has helped HMV beat Amazon when it comes to the money earned from the sale of traditional physical things with music printed on them.

The resurgent music chain booked sales of £365.7m in the year to December, an increase from the £311.2m it took the previous year. A 170 per cent increase in the sale of vinyl accounted for some of the rise, while a more modest 1.5 per cent growth in CD sales helped HMV account for one in three of all CD and DVD sales in the UK in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Either physical media is BACK, or we still can't think of anything else to buy our parents for Christmas than Eric Clapton reissues (dad) and Rod Stewart compilations (mum). You can't really give a dad iTunes credit, can you? [Money AM]