Vodafone CEO Says There's no Need for More than 20Mbps on Mobile

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone's UK Ceo Jeroen Hoencamp has given a cushy little interview to his company's own in-house blog, where he used his time to claim that running a 4G network should be more about achieving coverage that headline top speeds.

Hoencamp seems to be a little annoyed by the headlines rival EE is grabbing thanks to the way it's been rolling out faster and faster 4G hardware in some urban hotspots, saying: "We could build a network just to achieve massive speeds, but the reality is that you don’t currently need anything beyond 20Mbps on a mobile device."

Which is a fair point -- if you live in an area that has any 4G coverage at all. Hoencamp continued bigging himself up, adding: "...we think less about absolute speed and more about using that bandwidth to enable more customers to enjoy great content on the move, even in the busiest places and at the busiest times."

Although, if he's happy that 20Mbps is all that's required, he ought to be dumping 4G altogether and sticking with good old 3G, surely?

He's also not exactly convinced his customers even know what 4G is and what it's for, adding: "Many customers don’t know what 4G is. Many customers don’t care what 4G is. All customers want is consistency, so that wherever they go they have strong signal, so that they can do what they want wherever they are."

And he thinks what they want to do is watch Sky Sports which, funnily enough, Vodafone gives out as an incentive to subscribers. All we really want is a signal all of the time, Jeroen, one that lets us F5 web sites from the toilet.

As for the future, Hoencamp seems happy with how Vodafone's 4G network is spreading, saying: "It’s not about who’s got the most coverage. It’s more about having the strongest signal. We’d love to expand the network faster, but it’s about doing it right first time; I’d rather do it at the pace we’re doing and get it right, than try to go faster and build a thin and flimsy network." [Vodafone via The Register]