Vodafone Preparing 3G for Notspots in Cornwall, Cumbria and the Outer Hebrides

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone's revealed a shortlist of 40 new locations that are set to benefit from its Rural Open Sure Signal scheme, a plan to bring 3G connectivity to a total of over 100 places that current mobile masts can't reach.

The Rural Open Sure Signal programme is the first to use smaller femtocells to create local mobile networks, with the tiny masts bolted onto buildings in towns and villages with topography too varied for traditional masts to serve.

Vodafone's already launched 13 live femtocell mini networks, with the mobile company's UK CEO magicking up some evidence to support this being a good thing, saying: "13 communities have already installed the Open Sure Signal technology and all report increased productivity for local businesses as well as strong mobile connectivity that is making a real difference to people going about their daily lives." [Telegraph]