What is on Your Windows 10 Wishlist?

By Darren Orf on at

This week is the a big one for Microsoft an its fans. The company will finally be detailing the consumer features of Windows 10 at a press event.

We already got a healthy dose of Windows 10 during the technical preview along with a few leaks showing Cortana in action. We have almost know idea what the phone side of things will look like, though convincing fakes have tried to tell us otherwise.

So what are some things you hope to hear come Wednesday? Whether new features or simply hold-overs from Windows 8.1 and beyond. Or stuff you'd really just like to know more about? Personally, I want to see tangible evidence that Windows 10's "one platform" approach will make development for Microsoft smartphones easier or, at least, more appetising to would-be developerss. Honestly, any news on how they plan to position Windows Phone moving forward would be welcome.

How about you? Tell us below.