What Was the First Thing You Ever, Ever Did on the Internet?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The internet is everywhere these days. It's in our phones, it's in our tellies, it's even in our things. It's hard to remember a time before we all became plugged eternally into The Matrix. But think back long and hard enough, and somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind is your first ever experience of accessing the internet.

I must have been about about eight or nine years old when I first remember using the internet; about 20 years ago, give or take. I was on a day out with my older brother, which included a brief stop off at his university. Or at least it would have been brief had he not taken me to his campus' computer library, where I got my first ever hit of the internet.

It all seems quite tame now, but even with my fledgling, pre-Google internet skills, I was very proud of myself for having worked my way around the browser, tracked down the official Asterix and Tintin websites, and even stumbled across a fansite for Jurassic Park. I trawled them for hours -- amazing, considering it was quite a feat to keep me sat still in one place back then. All this while my budding guitarist of a brother printed reams of crowd-sourced guitar tablature onto those folding, hole-punched sheets of green printer paper.

Even as a child, the potential and possibilities of the web were apparent to me (even if the successive twenty years worth of clogged-up inboxes and late night Facebook Farmville notifications have dulled my enthusiasm a little!).

So, when did you pop your internet cherry? How was it for you, and what did you do? Fire off below.

Image Credit: Blonde baby in suit working with laptop (modified) from Shutterstock