Woman Abused by Ukip Haters in Mobile Phone Advert Mix-up

By Gary Cutlack on at

An "unfortunate printing error" has been blamed for sticking an innocent lady's mobile phone number on a Ukip poster, leading to her receiving "disgusting and abusive calls" from those who dislike the booming political party.

Alexandria Hall discovered her phone number had been used on a Ukip banner blaming the Tories for the local pothole situation in her constituency after getting some nasty phone calls. She took to Facebook to say: "WTF!! I hate Ukip for one and will never vote Ukip the racist pompous pr***s! To make matters worse now I'm getting hate calls!! Any ideas on what to do?"

Ukip blamed an error at the printers for the mistake, no doubt triggered by sharing a few too many sociable pints with the party's leader. [Independent]

Image credit: Twitter