Xbox Owners are the Biggest Wankers

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Pornhub has revealed its statistical breakdown of 2014. Among the numbers is a closer look at the world's console browsing habits, revealing a huge shift for a couple of platforms.

The infographic in question is below. As you can see, while Xbox and PS4 are both still the porn console (pornsole?) of choice, there's been a massive change year-on-year, with Xbox up 70 per cent and PlayStation down 37 per cent.


A previous Pornhub round up in August had PlayStation and Xbox at 46 per cent and 41 per cent respectively. That's changed to 40 per cent and 46 per cent now and is obviously a result of the Xbox One and PS4 launches. Interestingly, it suggests that, while more people have bought a PlayStation 4, less are watching porn on it.

Also interesting is that 70 per cent increase on Wii U and 57 per cent on Vita. Basically everyone's watching more porn on everything, apart from PS3/PS4. I wonder if its the more socially connected nature of PS4 that's putting people off? Are they worried it'll show up in their news feed some how?

Here's Pornhub's take on the numbers:

Last but not least we’re getting gamers covered in regards to the consoles they use to lvl up on Pornhub. Playstation and Xbox are the undeniable heavy hitters here, claiming 40% and 45.7% of traffic respectively – though Playstation’s traffic shares are down 36.8% from last year. Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, saw a 69.9% traffic share increase over the course of the year and now accounts for a respectable 8.2% of all console user traffic.

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