You Could Hang These Giant Family-Friendly Tablets on Your Walls

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Is your home lacking a giant interactive slab of glass for you children to leave giant paw prints all over? Then the latest additions to Fuhu's Big Tab range, including 42-, 55- and 65-inch versions of its gigantic family-orientated tablet range, could be just the thing.

These are certainly not the kind of tablet you'll flick through the news on in bed. They may even be bigger than your child. Instead, the idea is that they can be hung on kitchen or living room walls to provide a surface for children and adults alike to play an learn on—and, yes, watch some TV, too. Indeed, the touchscreen displays come with access to Google Play so Netflix is only a few clicks away.

The devices all feature WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, and the 55- and the 65-inch models even have Ultra HD resolution. They'll be available in the second half of 2015, and the largest model will cost $4,000 (UK pricing and availability TBC). [USA Today via Engadget]