You Only Have 24 Hours to Read This Self-Destructing Book

By Andrew Liszewski on at

American author James Patterson's new thriller, Private Vegas, will not only be made available as 1,000 free digital copies that will self-delete after 24 hours. There will also be a one-of-a-kind physical copy wired to self-destruct after the same time frame.

You Only Have 24 Hours To Read This Self-Destructing Book

Slow readers and the easily distracted will probably want to wait until the full, permanent copies of the book are available on January 26. But thrill-seekers will have a chance to snag one of the free self-destructing copies a few days before that.

But one lucky and deep-pocketed Patterson fan will have the chance to buy a single physical copy of the self-destructing book, complete with a digital countdown display, for $294,038. The book also comes signed, not that that means anything if it's destined to self-destruct, and a trip that includes a private dinner with the author. There's no word on whether or not that meal will self-destruct too, though. [ via Taxi via Mashable]