YouTube Stars Chosen to Interview President Obama After Important Speech

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Gaining popularity among the fabled "youth of today" is never an easy prospect for any politician or political party in any country, though it is essential unless you want to turn off millions of potential future voters. In an attempt to engage with yoof out there, President Obama is going to be interviewed by three tween-approved YouTube stars in the days following his incredibly important State of the Union address. Really.

The lucky internet personalities who get to probe the President of the United States include one solid choice and two semi-questionable ones. Renowned nerd and generally funny-smart person, Hank Green, is the former. He's known for breaking down complicated topics, illuminating important issues, and otherwise attempting to inspire a thirst for knowledge in America's tween-y youth.

Then we have GloZell. A comedian whose more popular videos include her doing the cinnamon challenge (seen in the GIF above) and the video below.

A curious choice, but still semi-understandable. GloZell's husband is an Army vet, after all. But then we come to Bethany Mota. One of the more popular of YouTube's hoards of teen makeup reviewers. Here's Bethany on what it takes to look cute after gym class:

Bethany gets to spend 10 minutes with the man responsible for running an entire nation. Great.

Each of these stars will get their own, personal sets in the White House from which they'll conduct their own, separate interviews, which will include questions amassed from all walks of social media.

According to Buzzfeed, "the administration is able to see potential questions posted to open social media portals, but has no say in which questions are selected and will not vet the questions asked by the hosts."

For the record, we think it's great that the White House is trying to reach out to the younger demographic. Even if they can't vote, it may at least help them to start even remotely caring about politics. But if these were really the best that could be chosen of all of YouTube's endless tween-approved idols — god help us all. [Buzzfeed]

GIF by Chris Person