A DIY Millennium Falcon Drone Will Always be the Best Drone

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now that's one hunka junk. Drone enthusiast Oliver_C had already built his own DIY quadcopter, the "Prophecy 335", but that wasn't enough for this Star Wars fan. He's turned his craft into a makeshift Millenium Falcon.

Chewie would be proud. Made from a foam shell, the build even features the Falcon's signature thruster lights on its rear. Slightly front heavy, some manoeuvrability is sacrificed for the aesthetic, but squint while watching it fly around that icy setting above and you could fool yourself into thinking it was the real thing over Hoth.

Somewhere at Hasbro, someones already figuring out how to mass produce these things in time for Christmas, no doubt. Maybe they should get Oliver_C on their books -- his next project is to turn another DIY drone into a Tie Fighter.

Find a detailed walkthrough on how to build your own Falcon drone at the source. [RC Groups]