A New Xbox One Screenshot Feature Will Let You Preserve Your Greatest Headshots

By Gerald Lynch on at

PC gamers have been able to do it for years, PlayStation 4 gamers have been able to do it since the console's launch, and now Xbox One players look as though they're getting the feature too. Screenshot support for the Microsoft console has just been teased by Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The screenshot option seems to sit inside the Xbox One's double-tap guide button feature, going by the screenshot Spencer sent accompanying his tweet. Spencer stressed that the method is still in a beta testing phase and may yet change -- I'd say that's fairly wise, given how finicky it can be triggering the double-tap menu on the controller. If the whole point of screenshots is to be able to catch a fleeting moment, the Xbox One had better make use of a constant frame capture buffer to make sure you get the one you want. [Phil Spencer - @XboxP3]