An Impossibly Tough Flash Drive That Survives -40C to 85C Temperatures

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Even if you've dropped a few extra quid on a 'durable' flash drive that can safely be tossed about, it might not actually be as tough as you think it is. At least not compared to this non-descript drive from Green House, which is a master of survival. It's rated to work at temperatures as cold as -40°C, or as hot as 85°C, so no matter where on Earth work takes you, your data is safe.

As you can see, what makes the drive so dependable isn't layers of insulation; that wouldn't really help when temperatures soared. Instead, Green House has built-in advanced error detection that automatically repairs data as it's being copied, and a system that remembers where bad blocks are in the memory, ensuring they're no longer used. And to prolong the life of the drive, data is consistently written across the entirety of its flash memory to help ensure even wear as it's being used.

Pricing information hasn't been released, but despite having a USB 3 connection the drive only musters read and write transfer rates of up to 27MB/sec and 23.9MB/sec respectively. It's no speed demon, and the largest version will only be 16GB in size, so hopefully that means it will be on the affordable side of things. After all, your Arctic expedition is already expensive enough. [Green House via Akihabara News]