Android Wear Apps Now Work on All Pebble Smartwatches

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you got a Pebble smartwatch? According to a recent chatroom we posted, it turns out quite a few of you do. If you fall into that gang of e-ink timepiece owners; good news! Your Pebble watch can now tap into the growing number of Android Wear apps that are available.

Beginning life as a beta feature back in December, it's now available to all Pebble users, and even has some advantages over dedicated Android Wear watches. It's able to pair up with Android smartphones right back to version 4.0, whereas Android Wear timepieces require the partner device be on Android 4.3.

Even as far-and-away the most popular of all smartwatches, the Pebble's got a tough time ahead of it, with the Apple Watch launch coming in April and increasingly mature-looking Android Wear devices becoming available. Still, a focus on broadening its app eco-system won't hurt, and with lowly battery life reported in pretty much all the other smartwatches, there's still lots of fight left in the Pebble.