Another Day, Another Angle on the Samsung Galaxy S6

By Gerald Lynch on at

On Friday we got a sneak-peek at one edge of Samsung's "Next Galaxy" smartphone, and today sees the turn of T-Mobile US to show off Sammy's forthcoming flagship.

Again, it doesn't reveal much, being just another side-on glance at the phone. But look at the pink shadow and pink lighting -- that edge facing us seems to be the source for the shot's pink glow, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S6 (or at least one of the two rumoured models set to launch this coming weekend) will have a screen that extends to at least one side of its chassis. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Is that particularly useful? Debateable, but you can't knock Samsung for trying something different in a sea of cookie-cutter handsets.

Sunday's Samsung Unpacked event, live in Barcelona, will reveal all. Check back then and in the run up to the press conference for all the latest leaks and rumours. [T-Mobile]