Apple is About to Replace iPhoto With… er, Photo

By Nick Cowen on at

iPhoto is dead (it’s not dead, it’s dying -.ed)! Long live Photo! Apple is ditching its long-standing iPhoto picture and video manager with a new application for iDevices call simply Photo.

Apple has included the app in the beta version of OSX 10.10.3, which is being made available to developers today. Apple says Photo public beta will follow and that the final version of the app will be bundled into a free software update for Mac and Desktop users this spring.

Photo’s interface is far cleaner than its predecessor – it’s similar in its presentation to the Photos app on iOS – and alongside the cloud back-up option it comes loaded with a set of editing tools. There are also a set of tabs users can use to navigate around the app, allowing access to their photos, options to share them and view comments about them, areas to create and view albums and buttons to print them off with.

Apple says that the new Photo app will be heavily integrated with its iCloud storage feature. Users will be able to access their photo collection from all compatible devices and can store up to 5GB for free in the cloud (or more ranging from 20GB to 1TB if they fancy handing over the requisite sheckles). We’d suggest if you have any naked selfies of yourself to take note of what happened last year to Jennifer Lawrence, though. [The Verge]