Apple Lightning Hack Opens the Door for the Next Jailbreak

By Nick Cowen on at

Excitement is rippling through the smart device jailbreaking community after it emerged that Apple’s Lightning connector protocols have been hacked.

The Register is reporting that the hack essentially gives hackers access to Apple’s serial kernel debugging on new iOS devices, the same way that they did with the 30-pin connectors on older iOS kit. If you’re anyone motivated enough to try and jailbreak a new Apple smart device, you can now debug kernel bugs and you can debug iBoot exploits too.

According to iDownloadblog, the new hack can be developed on Lightning-equipped devices. A coder going by the name @key2fr revealed how they hacked the units on

In the past hackers have had to port up using the old 30-pin connectors, so the fact that they now have access to Lightning directly means a whole boatload of options have opened up to them should they wish to jailbreak new iOS devices.

As you can imagine, this is causing something of a stir in the hacker community. Website HackADay (can you guess what its main topics of discussion are?) said that they’re on their way to “totally owning an iDevice” – and by that we bet they mean exploiting it, rather than going out and buying one.

"This is the key to the castle, and being able to get through this chip means we can now own our iDevices," it said.

Apple has yet to respond to this news. [The Register]