Apple Pay on the Way as Starbucks Adds iPayments to UK App

By Matt Hill on at

Apple's currently US-trialling contactless payment system Apple Pay could be moseying on over to the UK imminently, if the latest Starbucks app update is anything to go by.

In this week's iOS App Store update (3.2.1), the money-swimming coffee merchant has introduced Apple Pay to its mix of beverage-and-a-croissant-purchasing features even though us Brits can't use it yet, thus:

What a tease.

It has been long rumoured that Apple Pay will launch internationally in March, before Apple Watch lands in April, so this seems right about on schedule. Although it could just be that Starbucks updated its US app recently and it's going for consistency across all territories, regardless of available functionality. You choose.

Either way, more interestingly, the update doesn't actually let you pay for your soya lattes directly, instead enabling the user to load up money on it from a credit card like you would an Oyster card. Which, we're saying, isn't all that useful.

Still, as a sign of the impending payment apocalypse about to hit the UK, we take heed.

Thanks to Omar for the tip

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