Apple Store Genius Bars Will Use Algorithms to Decide if Your Broken iPhone is a Priority

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Apple Store Genius Bar system for the most part is great -- it's your one-stop shop for getting any Apple-related problem fixed, be that a faulty device or learning how to use tricky new software. However, with so many people using one Apple device or another, wait times for an appointment can be exceptionally long. An overhauled Genius Bar system may work to significantly reduce those wait times.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple retail head and former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts (who makes more moolah than even CEO Tim Cook) is looking to introduce a "Concierge" service to stores. Rather than have a customer explain their issue and be assigned an appointment time, the Concierge offering would see Genius Bar staff enter the customer's problems into a system that would prioritise issues based on their severity. An algorithm could potentially decide that a person with a broken iPhone screen for instance is seen over a customer whose MacBook screen has a dead pixel -- one can still use their device while the other can't.

Customers would then be sent text messages, keeping them updated along the length of the service. Text messages would be sent to confirm requests and wait times, another text to remind of an appointment and a final one to notify customers on which area of the store they need to head to. If the system works as it's supposed to, Apple Stores should be considerably less crowded, and customers should get their gadgets back in ship-shape condition sooner than is currently possible. How a person with a broken phone is going to receive those update text messages however remains to be seen. [9to5Mac]