Apple Watch Was Going to Have Way More Health Features

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Apple Watch that is expected to land in April will come complete with a pulse monitor and pedometer. That's fine for the casual runner that wants to keep track of his or her times, but the original vision for the Apple Watch was so much more, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It's reporting that, rather than being the iPhone companion device that the Apple Watch is set to become, the smartwatch had initially been conceived as a standalone health monitor. Apple had hoped to allow wearers to track heart rate levels, blood pressure and even stress, based on the conductivity of the skin.

However, over the course of a fraught, money-guzzling four year development, it became clear that current sensor technology wasn't up to scratch to meet Apple's lofty goals. Even the tightness of the Apple Watch strap was affecting sensor readings, as were hairy arms, and the whole project became much more simplistic.

Still, Apple expects us all to gobble up its timepiece, ordering 6 million units from its suppliers. But, as ever with Apple's gear, early adopters may want to consider holding out for the Apple Watch 2 if looking for more robust health-tracking features. [Wall Street Journal]