Boris Bikes are Officially Painting the Town Red in the Name of Santander

By Matt Hill on at

London mayor Boris Johnson has just revealed that his all-new Boris Bikes will now be plastered in Santander's very-much-not-Tory red. Best of luck explaining that to David, Boris… oh right, money, oh yeah. We're sure he'll be fine with that.

Yes, as rumoured earlier this month, it's a rival bank that has the sizeable enough pockets to stump up the £7 million a year for seven years to take up Barclays' ad opportunity on the capital's incredibly cumbersome but cheap and convenient public bikes from April. HSBC would have been funnier.

Despite there being more than 10 million "hires" last year, Barclays cut its "till 2018" deal short. So at a London Cycle Hire event this morning at one of Euston's docking stations, Boris revealed the results of the ensuing "competitive selection process" and the new-look, two-wheeled steeds that the Spanish bank's logo will ride.

That's not them up top, mind – we're still waiting for a peek at the "Santander Cycles", so that's our imagined Photoshop opus. We're pretty sure it will be a bit like that.

A smartphone app is also on the way to help people locate bikes and then pay for them, too (£2 a day or £90 a year), while cyclists with Santander credit cards can get cash back too.

But the big question is: what will free-cycle-fancying Spurs fans do now?

Update: Yep: