BT Testing Wireless-to-the-Cabinet VDSL in North Yorkshire Moors Tech Incubator Village

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new solution to the problem of getting decent internet to rural corners is being tested by BT, which has installed a wireless broadband connection system in the village of Westow.

Described as a Wireless-to-the-Cabinet option capable of delivering the holy streams at up to 80Mbps to nearby residents, 136 homes and businesses in the village are set to benefit from the latest trial of the technology. The test uses a point-to-point microwave link to hook cabinets to the exchange 3km away, meaning it could be hacked by a drunk person climbing the 12m pole and hanging their coat off it.

BT's Helen Yarrow said: "Using microwave radio was the ideal solution for Westow as we knew that it wouldn't be viable to lay a fibre optic cable to such a small and remote community. When we surveyed the village we realised that trying to lay fibre cables in the ground would not have been cost-effective – given the terrain and lack of existing infrastructure between the exchange and the fibre broadband cabinet." [ISP Review]

Image credit: Wikipedia