BT Threatens to Rip Apart Pop-Up Phonebox Library Over Health and Safety Worries

By Gary Cutlack on at

A local phonebox in Banbury is currently at the epicentre of a health and safety war, with BT demanding some DIY shelving and a handful of books are removed from inside it in case someone gets killed or critically injured by a falling hardback or offended by the morals of a copy of the Guardian.

BT posted a letter on the phonebox in question, which is being used as a tiny library by locals in the town, in which it explained: "We understand the good intentions behind the book-sharing initiative. We are however concerned the books and shelving could cause injury if they were to fall. We'd therefore ask for the books, shelving and associated signs to be removed as soon as possible."

BT's social media bot said it's "still working" on a response to the mass public outcry this morning, so it's likely there's going to be a happy ending involving bespoke shelving, lots of free books, apologies and hugging emoji all round. [Guardian]

Image credit: Visit Banbury