Contactless Card Payment Limit Set to Rise to £30

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you haven't already got one, the next time your credit or debit card expires, you're almost certainly going to be sent contactless enabled plastic. The banks' latest way to get us to spend money without even realising it (I'm guilty of not even checking the price on a till for smaller purchases since getting my own), the payment system is getting ever-more popular, what with the capital's transport system and an increasing number of retailers onboard.

But it has its limitations -- namely, its £20 upper payment limit. Splash out on an item worth more than a score, and you're going to have to go through the laborious task of entering all four of your pin number digits, like some sort of backwater hick from the year 2012.

That's all set to change by September of 2015 however -- the UK Cards Association has agreed that from September 1st, the transaction limit on contactless cards will be raised to £30. With contactless payments made 319 million times in the UK in 2014 (worth a giant £2.32 billion) there's obviously demand for a revised limit now that consumers are comfortable spending that way. And with Apple Pay rumoured to launch on these shores before the year is out -- free of any upper payment limit (in the US, at least) -- it'll give users a reason to keep whacking out the cards. [BBC]