Crossrail Workers Have Found and Identified 5,000 Bodies Underneath Liverpool Street

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've heard a lot about Crossrail over the past couple of years. Stuff like how it's going to slash the amount of time it takes to get into central London, and how it's actually Europe's biggest infrastructure project to date. It's not just a transport project, either, because it's also helping to unearth a hoard of archaeological treasures, including 5,000 (more) dead bodies.

Found is a bit of an understatement, because workers have actually been able to identify those 5,000 bodies that were buried in Liverpool Street's Bedlam burial ground. Among them was Dr John Lamb, an astrologer who was stoned to death by a mob after being accused of rape and black magic, and even a former Lord Mayor.

Volunteers created an extensive list of the thousands of people buried at the Bedlam site in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and unsurprisingly the most common cause of death was the plague. In fact, the whole reason why the burial site exists in the first place is because the churches were unable to bury the dead in traditional graveyards.

The next stage of digging in the area is expected to uncover a further 3,000 bodies and artefacts from medieval and Roman times. In case you were wondering, the current plan is that all the uncovered bodies will be reburied on sacred ground elsewhere. [Time Out]