Cyclists Rejoice: TFL Bans HGVs Without Safety Gear from London

By Gerald Lynch on at

As anyone that frequents the Gizmodo UK comments section of any of our cycling stories will probably be aware, there's a battle for supremacy (or at least fair representation) on London's roads.

"Drivers drive dangerously", say the cyclists. "Cyclists take chances", say the drivers. With roads as crowded as the city itself, it's an argument that will likely rage on for a generation, but the cycling community (and pedestrians, to a lesser extent) will soon be enjoying a major win. HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) over 3.5 tonnes are to be banned from London roads unless they are equipped with side guards and proximity mirrors.

The new rules, part of the "Safer Lorry Scheme", come into play from September 1st. It's a 24 hours a day, seven days a week ban across all of London's 33 local authorities, as enforced by police teams, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and a joint TfL and DfT-funded taskforce.

According to TFL, HGVs “are disproportionately represented in cyclist fatalities in the capital” with nine of the 14 cyclist deaths on London roads in 2013 involving the trucks. Hopefully this will mean Londoners will endure seeing fewer lamp posts adorned sadly with bouquets of remembrance. [SHD Logistics]

Image Credit: Crashed bicycle from Shutterstock