Delayed Commuters Sent 280,000 Angry Tweets to Train Companies in 2014

By Gary Cutlack on at

The first job of the day for 400,000 Londoners was to get on Twitter and moan about the delays, lack of seating, cost of the journey and shoddy pasty flavour availability that ruined their commute, according to stats that track social media interaction with rail firms.

The data comes from analyst Commute London, which broke down the complaints aimed at the social sites of rail companies serving London during 2014. Some 71,000 tweets were fired off to complain about cancellations, while 62,000 were moans about overcrowding on lines.

The loser and generator of the most complaints was First Great Western, which received 45,100 annoyed tweets from people not particularly happy about delays to their trips into and out of the city. [Metro]

Image credit: Commuting from Shutterstock