Desktop Spotify is Now a Karaoke Machine

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fancy yourself as a future Brit Award winner, minus the capes and pratfalls? Spotify is today rolling the Musixmatch lyrics service into its desktop app, letting you sing along with the greats like a streaming-powered karaoke machine.

Accessing the lyrics is as simple as hitting the "Lyrics" button next to the scrub bar -- should Musixmatch have lyrics to match your song, they'll then appear, scrolling in time with the music.

Spotify has, of course, offered lyrics alongside streamed tracks for some time now, ever since the introduction of applications to its desktop player. But the apps have long gone unloved by Spotify (and, in some cases, equally unloved by their own developers), so it makes sense for Spotify to roll by far the most popular of the bunch into its own system.

As well as the Musixmatch integration, the new update also includes improvements to the Friend Feed, letting you more easily spot what your pals are listening to, and will also introduce viral and regional charts. [Spotify]