Disney Considering Dedicated Marvel and Star Wars Streaming Services

By Gerald Lynch on at

Would you pay for unlimited access to the dozens of Marvel movies and TV series out there? How about the exponentially-growing Star Wars cinematic universe? Disney's said to be considering packaging its two big blockbuster properties into stand-alone subscription services, offering users unlimited access to streams of its superhero and Force-wielding films.

The idea is to keep a constant trickle of cash coming in from the pockets of superfans, likely incentivised by exclusive content and keeping them away from illegal pirating channels. If you've very, very specific TV and movie watching interests, it may seem a good deal to subscribe to a cut-price Netflix competitor whose library makes up for what it lacks in depth with Stormtroopers and Avengers.

Though talks currently centre around the US-only Sling TV service from Dish, Disney's Bob Iger states that the company's future distribution lies with it being "even more user-friendly, more customisable and personalised". With global audiences locked in, you would expect any eventual service to roll out worldwide if given enough time. [Deadline]

Image Credit: Eytalix / Worth1000