This Infographic Lays Bare the Sexual Relations of the Marvel Universe

By Casey Chan on at

Even comic book superheroes have a hard time remembering who they've had relations with and who they kissed and who they briefly dated. This graphic breaks it down for us, showing which superhero has been around where in the Marvel universe.

From the creators:

In terms of the Universe, we have decided to stick to the main one (Earth 616), as bringing those alternative versions into the mix can get messy. As the title of the infographic implies, this is all about SuperLove. It is a focused piece on Superheroes or at least those with badass abilities and their love lives.

Otherwise Wolverine’s list would have been double the size of the already sizable number he currently has. He has been around a long time ok! I do though apologise to all you Gwen Stacey and Itsu fans/other non-superheroes, unfortunately they won’t be making an appearance.

What an incestuous bunch. Click on the image to see in expanded in a new window.

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