Game of Thrones is Causing a Rise in Abandoned "Wolf Dogs"

By Gerald Lynch on at

A dog is for life, not just for whenever Winter comes to the Seven Kingdoms. But as Game of Thrones continues to prove insanely popular, so to have purchases of wolf-like dogs by those that cannot properly look after them.

Game of Thrones features a pack of so-called "direwolves", similar to huskies and malamutes, and fans of the series have been inspired to pick up the real-world analogues for themselves. However, Britain's Dogs Trust has now seen a direct correlation between the popularity of the show and the "significant amount" of abandoned arctic working dogs.

Siberian huskies, alaskan malamutes and Japanese akitas now account for 10 per cent of all dogs the Trust's Basildon centre now looks after, with 35 newly-abandoned pooches being handed over in just the last two months.

"They are gorgeous puppies, really, really fluffy - but are very hard work," said Jake Flatman from the trust.

"People have to be committed to their training and exercises. [Huskies] are not a dog you can take for a quick 20 minutes around the block and get back in the house to lie on the sofa."

If you can't put the time in, perhaps consider some more humane Game of Thrones merch. Or just hold out for the start of series 5 of the show, which kicks off on April 13th in the UK. [BBC]