GhostArk Tells You There Aren't Any Ghosts, Anywhere, Ever

By Gary Cutlack on at

The GhostArk apparently lets owners "capture and record" the telltale signatures of ghosts, recording paranormal voices and scanning radio frequencies for the screams of those trapped between dimensions. More likely, it makes a sound when it goes near a Wi-Fi signal.

GhostArk apparently has the ability to record EMF and EVP signals, along with white noise. Distort it enough and you might be able to make it sound like a voice from the past is telling you to kill people. It launches in the summer of 2015, for an RRP of $199 (£133), should you be the sort of person who likes believing not-real things.

Although, if people can pretend super-high resolution audio gadgets make some kind of difference to the listening experience, why sell ghost detectors? [GhostArk via Shortlist]